PuffCo approached me to brainstorm and come up with some visual for the social media page during the time they get ready to launch their new vaporizer pen. It was supposed to be an on going series, but the project never got the green light. The 2 videos you see here explain how their pen works while poking fun at how easily these pens can come in handy in any stressful situations.

First video explains how their original pen works. The story was initially going to be about a stoner being late for work and stressing out about missing the elevator, but PuffCo wants to avoid the stereotype of stoner always being lazy and slow.

The second video (below) explains how their new vaporizer pen works. It is one of the first few pen that uses the chamber itself to heat up the wax instead of using any heating core at all. The story also pokes fun at the inside joke of the vaporizer pen industry. It is known that the heating core of the chamber often would burnt the wax/oil, leaving a bad after taste. A lot of companies will still insist add multiple heating cores or use bigger heating core as a selling point. In reality, the size or the number of heating cores doesn't necessary makes it better, but heating up the chamber itself sure is revolutionary.





Here's some bonus emoji I made for another project of theirs that never fruition.